Marriage Advice

Need marriage advice? Well I think every couple needs some sort of advice as some point in their relationship.

Nobody really knows it all….Really, nobody does!!

Here I am going to share with you marriage advice that has stood the test of time. This in my opinion is “The secret to a long and happy marriage”.

Ready to take notes!?......OK let’s begin….

  • Be Realistic

    Accept that things can and will go wrong over the course of your marriage. Being in denial means that you are not able to face your problems realistically or address them timely to the satisfaction of both parties.

  • Be Prepared to Work on Your Marriage

    Never sit back and expect things to work out naturally. Continue to make an effort and thrive to make the relationship work more so because you are sharing the same house, the same bed with the person you love.

    Remember that all the marriage advice in the world will not help you if you are not willing to work on your marriage.

  • Never Go to Bed Angry

    Going to bed angry with your other half does not help your relationship at all and the sooner you realize this, the better.

  • Be Honest

    When you bottle your emotions, it is easy for minor issues to easily grow into full blown arguments over time. For that reason, it is important to always strive to be open about your feelings or anything that may be bothering you and to keep lines of communication open at all times.

    Never resort to criticism that is not constructive or that may lead to breakdown in trust or communication. Conflicts can only be resolved when approached as an open discussion rather than as an argument.

  • Be Understanding

    No matter how close you are, there will always be a time when you will differ on certain matters. Always make it a point to hear out your partner, understand where they are coming from and offer a compromise wherever possible.

    Being there for the person you love means offering them your understanding. Raised voices never settle differences, they just escalate them.

  • Be Flexible

    Neither of you are likely to stay the same over the course of your marriage. By being flexible, you can always accommodate the outlook of your partner without compromising your marriage or going your separate ways.

    By always supporting each other in your respective endeavors and interests, you are bound to stay on the same page irregardless of what changes you go through individually.

  • Be Yourself

    Always try to be yourself and not something you’re not just to please your partner or for the sake of compatibility. Marriage is a working relationship which involves two parties and should always be approached as such.

    As long as you understand this, you can never go wrong. Pressuring your partner to be someone or something they are not will result in their unhappiness in the long term.

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