Breakup Letter Tips and Techniques

Have you ever wondered if writing a breakup letter was a good idea? If so then you will find all the answers you need below.

A Breakup letter can take many shapes and forms. You can use it to end a relationship with someone. It can also be used as an apology letter when the relationship ends. Another use can be to get your ex back.

Visit the headlines below to see whether or not writing a letter is appropriate under your circumstance.

Do You Want To Use The Letter to End Your Current Relationship?

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Ending a relationship with someone through a letter is not such a great idea. It’s cowardly, inconsiderate and immature.

A better alternative would be to meet your lover in person and just be 100% honest with everything. If you truly want to end your relationship, then meeting them in person is the safest option. It will also give you the perfect closure which can hardly be achieved by writing a letter.

Using Breakup Letters to Get Your Ex Back

Now if your intentions are to get your ex back, then a letter is a total no no.

It usually brings up unpleasant memories. Also, it tends to interfere with both you and your ex's healing process. There is also a great chance that a letter will only push your ex away.

If you need to get things "off your chest”, write the letter but do not give it to your ex. Keep it for your eyes only. This has proven to be a good way to cope and heal after a break up. It will help you deal with all your emotions and thoughts. Also, it can sometimes help you get over a lot of things you felt you needed to tell your ex.

Remember that if your ex truly loves you, they will contact you. Just give them space and time to heal. At this moment your time is better spent working on you.

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Do You Want Closure ? Then Try a Breakup Letter.

After a relationship ends ,a lot of people do not get the right closure needed. This makes it very difficult to move on.

A letter in this case may not to be such a bad idea. But you should make it clear to your ex from the beginning that your intentions for contacting them are not to make up. Rather to for proper closure between the both of you.

More breakup letter tips...

  • Avoid sounding needy and desperate
  • Keep it as short as possible
  • Be 100% honest with everything
  • Do not blame or accuse your ex
  • Write in a friendly tone
  • Do not send the letter, rather deliver it in person
  • No name calling
  • Try not to use break up letter generators
However you should be aware that it may or may not work for your ex. He or she may not be interested in hearing from you. Actually, do not expect a response.

If it backfires, do not be upset. Remember that you did this for yourself, that is, for closure so you can move on. The best thing to do now is to just move on with your life. Focus on you.

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