Rebound Relationships

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What are rebound relationships? A relationship is considered a rebound when you get involved before you have totally healed and are over your break up and previous relationship.

You will find this page valuable if you have just broken up and are in a relationship already or a contemplating getting involved again.

The article will cover the following questions and concerns about rebound relationships:

  • Their signs
  • How long do the relationships last?
  • Do they work?

Signs that your relationship is a rebound

The following are an indication that you are in a rebound relationship and essentially not ready to move on.

  • Thinking of your ex on a daily basis
  • You repeatedly talk about your ex
  • Clinginess
  • You find yourself reminiscing a lot about your previous relationship
  • Constantly thinking about how things could have changed between you and your ex if you had acted differently
  • You find yourself still attached emotionally to your ex
  • You have no strong feeling for your current partner
  • After your divorce you try to get re-married quickly

How long do rebounds last?

The length is not specific.It differs from person to person.

The relationships will usually end when you have healed from your previous break up. At this point you will not need the relationship for emotional support anymore.

Once healed emotionally ,you will likely leave. That is one of main reasons people usually get hurt emotionally.

You could say that the average length is determined by amount of time it takes you to get over your ex and heal ..

Do Rebound Relationships Work?

Most do not work.The reason being that you are just trying to get over your ex. Most of the time you really do not plan on sticking around for long.

As soon as you get your confidence back, chances are that you will leave. However a few do work at times.The quicker your heart heals the greater the chance a relationship has of working.


The best advice i can offer is that if you have just broken up with someone, give yourself time to heal.Learn from your past relationship before you move on.

Do not rush into a relationship in an attempt to get over your ex. It might seem to work temporarily but will most likely hurt you and your new partner more in the long run.

Giving yourself time to heal will ensure that you do not drag any emotional baggage from your previous relationship to the current.

However If you do find yourself involved ,be 100% honest to your new partner about your emotional state. Take things slow and avoid anything too physical.

Rather opt for someone you can talk too and be friends with. Remember that the best way to get over your ex will be to focus on you. Have fun and try to make yourself happy.Give yourself time to heal....

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