Rebound Relationship Guide

Breaking Up Advice You Need

Entering a rebound relationship is a challenge for someone who's not yet completely over his or her past relationship. Lingering feelings of self doubts are present, and you know deep inside that you're not ready.

Why do People Rebound?

One main reason for this is to cover up the pain that they are feeling with some other emotion. This is a lot like covering up dirt instead of cleaning it up, and the result is the same.

Your old wounds (from your former relationship) will fester until you can do nothing to stop them from damaging your new relationship.

Before moving on after a breakup consider the following break up advice...

1. Seek Help from Trusted Friends

Pouring your heart out to a friend about your old relationship is better than entering a new one with an unsuspecting person.

Your new partner might be under the impression that you're completely over your old flame, and finding out later that you used him or her only to assuage your pain can hurt him or her.

2. Have one last talk with your partner in the presence of a counselor.

Being with your partner in front of a therapist can be liberating.

Both of you can spill the beans about what you're really feeling without fearing retribution and verbal abuse from your partner.This is because someone else is there to prevent a full-blown fight. When you're in this scenario, never lose touch of your goal.

Your objective is to move on, and you need this last talk to settle things with your ex to really start anew.

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