The Dangers of The Emotional Affair

Have you ever wondered why people say an emotional affair (EA) hurts more than a physical one? If you're confused, let me start this article by defining what this kind of affair is and why it could damage your relationship and dreams of living a happy life together.

This kind of affair is different from a physical one because it's not just about sex. It has a lot to do with the cheating husband's or wife's psyche and the things he or she does to gratify his or her ego and needs.

emotional affair

Basically, when someone cheats, he or she is under the impression that another person outside the relationship can satisfy his emotional needs more than his or her current partner.

They might have fallen for the third party's charm and compassion because these are lacking in his or her current relationship.They find themselves being swept off their feet with every kind word and considerate gesture.

If it happens to you, your inner pain and dissatisfaction propel you into entering a cheating relationship because you have been enchanted by the notion that you will finally find someone who's more emotionally available than your current partner.

Before you get tempted into entering an EA, heed this advice:

You have to make sure that your feelings are real before you make the irrevocable decision of ending a relationship for another person. You might only be dreaming that the third party will always be there when you’re having a rough time.

No matter how many times you say that you deserve an ideal relationship, no union will ever be perfect.

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