Your Guide to Romantic Date Ideas

Here are some instances when you might need some romantic date ideas: your anniversary and your partner’s birthday.

Treat these occasions with care because they only come once a year and because these are the times when you have to be at your romantic best!

Your anniversary is the birthday of your relationship so you can be as mushy and nostalgic as you want.

Your partner’s birthday is all about him or her,and honestly, wouldn’t you want to have an excuse to pamper your partner on a day dedicated to him or her?

With that said here are some ideas for that ultra-romantic and unforgettable date:

1. Dinner at a fancy restaurant.

If you’re on a budget, plan months ahead to afford that fancy dinner in the restaurant you went to during your first weeks or months as a couple. Do not scrimp on the dinner because your memories of every anniversary must be spectacular every time.

2. Poetry reading at sunset

Make sure that the timing it right and pray that it doesn’t rain. When the sun is still way up there, you can walk along the seashore, or a hotel’s rooftop just waiting for the sun to set. As the sun is setting, recite a line of romantic verse to your partner and let the sunset be the backdrop to your words, and the sweet kiss that will follow.

3. Pamper the child in your partner

If your partner used to like video games or dollhouses, look for events around these niches in your local events calendar.

Whether it’s a bar with a pinball machine, or an art gallery with beautiful dollhouse exhibits, go there together and watch as your partner goes crazy over the things he misses most from his childhood.

Food for thought...

Most romantic date ideas are about dates that will help you reminisce about the time you met and the way you felt when you realized you want to be with him for the rest of your life.

How to save a marriage that is boring...

Nobody wants to be in a boring relationship. But after being together for several years, boredom and monotony inevitably start to creep into the relationship slowly.

People are no longer as adventurous and romantic as they used to be.

Try not to get too comfortable...

Be on constant alert of any other fun date ideas that may creep up in your mind unexpectedly. And remember that even though birthdays and anniversaries must be special, it doesn't mean that you have to wait for these two days to find a reason to spoil your significant other.

In fact , surprise romantic dates are usually appreciated more. Everyone loves the element of surprise.

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