Fun Date Ideas

You've come up with several fun date ideas for the dream date with that special someone, now whats next? To make sure everything go's as planned ,you need to consider the following components of any date: budget, feasibility of the date and romantic factor. Let's discuss each one in turn.

  • Feasibility

    For a date to be successful, you need to consider the time it will take you to get to your destination and your work schedule for the next day or the next week. If you're traveling abroad or to another state, plan ahead by submitting your work leave notice early and making sure you have the cash to fund for the date.

  • Budget

    Fortunately for lovers, some hotels offer budget trips and all-inclusive packages, which will include your provisions, lodging and breakfast. Some travel agents prepare itineraries for a fee, but if you want to save up, research the places you're visiting and keep a list of the landmarks and attractions you want to see.

  • Romantic Factor

    Couples vary in terms of how they define 'romantic', so make sure your partner digs the things you do. If you're both into poetry, you can bring your poetry booklets with you so you can read these together when you're in the mood. And don't be afraid to mix up your fun date ideas with other romantic date ideas to come up with unorthodox date ideas.


A piece of advice: do not sweat the small stuff and always prepare for contingencies. This means you must not worry too much about the expense, and you have to be content with what you can afford at the moment. Emotional expression as well as companionship are what really matters, so make sure you have a lot of these during your date.

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