My Best Break Up Songs

Need ideas for break up songs?.....Here i am going to share my top songs.

These are songs that have personally helped me and some of friends through our break ups and will hopefully help you too.

My Top Songs

  1. Irreplaceable - Beyonce
  2. I love myself today - Bif naked
  3. Never Again - Kelly Clarkson
  4. Better In Time - Leona Lewis
  5. Cry Me a River- Justin Timberlake
  6. Song For the Dumped - Ben Folds Five
  7. Survivor - Destiny's Child
There are many more but the ones above stand out the most.

What Are Breakup Songs?

Any song that...

  • Empowers you
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Makes you feel happy
  • Comforts you
  • Distracts you from thinking about the ex

...can be classified as break up music.

Click here to find out the most interesting songs that people choose to remember their failed relationships by.

At times you might feel tempted to send a song or two to your ex to get your message across. This is a no no.

Sending music to your ex will only keep you focused on them. This will not help you heal..

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