How to End a Relationship

Learning how to end a relationship effectively is one of the most overlooked breaking up advice. It can be the difference between winning your ex as a long life friend or losing them and the friendship you shared.

If you want to learn how to end a relationship the right , civil way, then you are going to find this article very helpful.

Every relationship starts out strong, but some things just happen to make it break down. It could be the loss of trust or the waning of the love that once made the relationship deep. Whatever your reasons to break up, sometimes when it's over, there's usually not much that you can do but accept the situation.

However, before ending a relationship, you have to make sure each partner is ok with breaking up. There's nothing more painful than knowing how one partner could still be hoping that the relationship can be saved.

If hope is still alive, I suggest you talk about the situation and have a 'calm conversation' session, with each other saying why the relationship should end and why not.

If you're struggling to keep the love alive without much success, here are some tips on how to end a relationship peacefully... 1. A Friendly Attitude

While you might feel more than a twinge of guilt every now and then, the trick is to never let this feeling get to you when you're in front of your partner. Support each other in your decision and offer a helping hand whenever you can (like when the other is moving out and transferring to another house).

2. Bury the Hatchet

There's nothing worse than knowing that another person hates you and could be plotting his or her revenge. Curb the instinct to lash out at your partner and try to be civil while you're in the process of separating. Bitterness is something that can kill a friendship, and in the end, that's all you have left so hang on to it.

There is absolutely no reason not to be the same supportive friend you were to your ex before the breakup,... even if the relationship has become sour.

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