Top 3 Breakup Lines

Used By People Ending a Relationship

Some breakup lines are hilarious, some are heartwarming, and yet some others are totally passe.

In retrospect, ending a relationship can be funny. If you're in a relationship now and you're headed for the skids, you might not find it amusing, but after a while, you will.

Here is a list of the most common breakup lines used by couples who don't want to stay together anymore.

  • 1. It's so over

    Generally, someone says this during the fight without really meaning it. This is an emotionally charged line that actually means "make me feel better by telling me we won't break up".

  • 2. I never really loved you

    This line is pretty hurtful probably because it's meant as an attack. By saying this, you are making the other person feel that all the affection you have shown in the past was a put-on. You can break a heart with this line if the other person isn't secure enough to understand that this line is an outright lie.

  • 3. I want to tell you something but please don't get mad.

    This is the funniest break up line because the other person tries to dodge a punch or a slap by making the other person promise not to get mad.

    If you've ever used this, you may already know that the other person will promise not to get mad (promise anything, actually) just so he or she can hear what else you want to say.

    After you've told him or her, you can be sure that the promise won't stand. You can't even hold the other person to that promise because he or she will be too devastated to remember.

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