Why Women Cheat

The reason why women cheat has something to do with several aspects of the relationship, namely: financial, emotional and psychological. Each of these relationship factors contribute to the happiness of a woman inside your marriage, love affair or emotional affair.

If there’s a problem in one aspect, the others are affected and the results are oftentimes catastrophic. Let’s look at some of the specific reasons involved in each aspect of the relationship, and discover why women cheat.

Keep in mind however though that when it comes to why women cheat the signs of cheating are more difficult to detect since womem are usually thought of as naturally more monogamous than men.

1. She Cheats Because She Feels Entitled to Have an Affair

It’s no secret that a woman feels burdened with the responsibility of providing for the family. This is because of the prevailing notion that men should be the providers and women should be the nurturers. The stress of worrying over finances and the tension this causes at home are unbearable to some women, which makes them long for a better life with a guy who can lift the burden off their shoulders.

In this case, cheating ensues because the woman wants to feel like she’s giving herself a break from all the negativity she feels when she’s with her partner.

It may also be difficult for her to adapt to a non-single lifestyle, particularly when she expected something better. A single girl is independent and carefree, but only because she earns and cares for herself alone. When she gets hitched and is forced to endure the same level of hardships with more responsibilities attached, she flies off the handle and puts the blame on the man. Regret follows, and soon, bitterness at her choice of life (and partner) pervades her consciousness.

2. She Cheats Because She Doesn’t Trust Her Partner

When a girl finds it difficult to place her trust on her partner, communication becomes difficult. She may already know that her man is a playboy, and has mistakenly assumed that married life will “change” him. Now, she realizes that isn’t the case. Lack of trust and doubts are definite pitfalls for a love relationship. If these two evils are present, the love affair or the marriage will be tumultuous at best. Simply put, she cheats because she thinks her partner is doing the same behind her back.

3. Low Self Esteem Resulting in Depression

A woman’s self esteem level drops whenever she feels weighed down by the bickering, the endless chores and the pressure of acting normal. The way she spirals downward isn’t obvious at a glance, but her actions reflect the magnitude of her depression. She cheats because she sees the extramarital affair as the only thing that’s keeping her sane.

Why Women Cheat and Marriage

Cheating will usually lead to the demise of the marriage, but there’s a way for men to be able to revive the relationship: be sensitive and considerate. It is important for the woman to feel that a man understands her pain; that he can see through her seemingly cold demeanor and gaze into her aching heart.

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