"Revenge On Ex : GOOD or BAD...?"

Getting thoughts of revenge on ex? Don't worry about it ,it's normal. However you really do not have to act on your revenge fantasies.

Revenge will only bring temporary satisfaction. The long term effects such as guilt and regret will haunt you for years.

Thinking about revenge will keep you focused on your ex. It will only leave you filled with negative emotions and prolong the pain you are experiencing. Making it impossible to heal.

Rather use that time and energy to focus on you. Focus on healing and making yourself a happier and better person.

Best Revenge on Ex

The best revenge is really in a way not revenge at all. It is moving on with your life. Simply forget about your ex and focus on living the best life possible.

You can start by loving yourself more. You will heal faster and in the process become a better person.

So love yourself and live the best life you can without your ex.

About Revenge Sex

Revenge sex is a bad idea. Chances are that you'll regret it or you will be thinking about your ex the whole time. So having sex with someone just to get at you ex is a total no no.

Forgiving and Healing

Forgiving your ex is probably the best step you can take towards healing. Once you forgive your ex you let them loose in a way. So they really don't owe anything anymore. Not an explanation or an apology...NOTHING!

Once you forgive your ex there really is no reason to keep in contact with them.So forgiving sets you free in a way.It gives you space to heal and makes moving on easier.

By forgiving you will be a step closer to the sweetest revenge ever.That is, living a perfectly happy life without them.

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