Understanding Men

This is by no means a complete guide to understanding men, however what i am going to share with you is perhaps the most important yet simple guide that will make you realize why understanding men may have been difficult for you in the past...

Why Most Women Find It Difficult To Decode Men...

Most of what comprises a woman’s view of an “ideal guy” comes from the traits of a dominant male figure in her life. get my ex back That prominent father figure and how gentle and caring he was with her contribute to her girly fantasies of meeting her perfect partner and living happily in love with him forever.

If it’s not the role model that she looks up to, it’s the relationship system that she has come to know.

Her mom might have loved her father so much that her child becomes convinced that the only kind of relationship that’s present in the world is the sublime kind.

With that said, it becomes increasingly obvious why some women aren’t able to understand men. They have a pedestal set up and only the perfect guy can sit there. The problem is, no man will be perfect enough to sit there. Every man these women will meet will have flaws. After all, they’re human.

A Woman’s Blind Spot

Having a fixed concept of how a loving relationship should be is detrimental to any relationship.

Even the most ideal guy you’ve ever met, i.e.your brother, your dad, your granddad, or your ex boyfriend (the One that got away) has to go through a maturing process, which ultimately leads to the way he is at present.

If a guy shows signs of being immature, irrational, rash in judgment and actions, and completely unable to handle a relationship, he might be going through a certain ‘growing pain’ in his life that’s necessary for him to really find his true self.

In fact, do an interview of women who look like they’re truly happy with their love lives and you’ll find out that their relationship isn’t always as rosy as it seems. The key to having a beautiful love affair with a man who is imperfect yet willing to change for the better is to understand where he’s coming from.

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The Compromise

It’s true that you have to compromise some of your set beliefs in order to start understanding men. You will find out more about your man every day, and what you will discover will not always coincide with what you believe to be true.

He might show conflicting behavior depending on the situation, have a few skeletons in his closet, display a huge flaw in his personality and have a secret that he doesn’t want anyone to know. These things either weigh him down or propel him to change. Now, the most crucial step to take when dealing with these things has something to do with your ability to compromise.

Think of his redeeming qualities and determine how these positive traits measure against his negative ones. Once you can see your man without the rose-colored glasses, you can begin building a good future with him.

Why is understanding men important?

Sometimes women misinterpret the actions of men and this usually leads to them thinking that their man doesn't appreciate them or even love them at all.

A deeper understanding will definitely help see your man from a different perspective. It has stopped many people from ending a relationship that was perfect and it has also proven to one of the most effective ways to save a marriage .

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