Best Break Up Songs

The article is about the best break up songs that a lot of people love ,however keep in mind they everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Oftentimes, people cannot tell you the exact reasons why they said goodbye, so they express their sentiments through songs. Most couples have songs to represent their relationship, and most also have songs to represent their past relationships.

Choosing one break up song for your failed relationship is a way of saying farewell to the love affair. If the conflict has been resolved, the song a person chooses has a bittersweet theme to it that remind of happy times and talk about the regret of not being able to make a promising love flourish.

Keep reading to find out the most interesting break up songs that people choose to remember their failed relationships by.

1. End of the World

This is a song I would never listen to ordinarily, but it DOES express the emotions of someone who just lost his or her love. If you're heartbroken and you happen to hear this song, your heart will flutter like it just heard the sweetest melody ever. It's very sentimental, and very sad.

2. You don't love me anymore by Weird Al

This tops my list of the breakup songs ever written. Everything on this song resonates within someone who's heartbroken in a funny, whimsical way.

I love the hyperbole and the sniveling way it was presented. You feel like laughing, until you realize that some of the lyrics really did happen to you at one point (maybe that bit about the ex doing it with a whole sports team).

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