Men in a Rebound Relationship

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I am going to share with you all the discoveries i have made about men in a rebound relationship.

I will reveal why women rebound faster than men. As well as the precautions you need to take when dating men on the rebound or men in a rebound relationship.

...lets get started.

Do Men Rebound Faster?

This usually depends on whether the guy is the dumper or dumpee, and also whether or not the relationship is meant to be a serious one.

Men tend to rebound faster when the relationship is just a fling or just to pass time or as an attempt to get over the ex.

However, in cases where the woman is the dumper, she has a greater chance of dating again much sooner then the guy.

Here is why:

  • Women get hit on all the time so it’s much easier for them to get dates and move on (most of these rushed relationships do not work though. Try to take your time in finding the right guy. Don’t settle for any Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along after the break up)

  • Women have a much stronger emotional support system of female friends and family. This helps them heal much faster than guys. The quicker they heal, the more likely they are to start dating again.

  • When a relationship starts to go sour, women will usually sense it first and are more likely to tackle the problem head-on .So in a way, they are more emotionally prepared for the break up even before it happens. This helps them heal much faster than guys who on the other start processing "what could have gone wrong" only after the break up.

  • A lot of the times when a women is the dumper she already has a guy "lined up" that she can immediately start a relationship with(unless the relationship is an abusive one, the guy cheats...etc). So in this case the guy who just got dumped will rebound much slower then the girl.

These do not apply to every woman. It’s just a trend i have observed among my friends, family and people i know...

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Dating Men in a Rebound Relationship

Below you are going to discover the most important things you need to know when dating a guy on the rebound .

  • He could be using you as an emotional crutch
    In this case there is chance that he could leave once healed and over his ex. Being distant can be an indication that he plans on leaving soon.

  • He could there just for the sex and companionship
    After being heart broken men usually get scared of getting hurt again. As a result they will try to avoid serious relationships. Rebounding to something less serious but very physical is usually what they opt for.

  • Men in a rebound relationship(if he is the dumper) may sometimes keep in contact with the ex for sex. They do this also for security reasons, that is, just incase things do not work out with the new girl.

  • Ego Booster
    After a nasty break up (being dumped) men tend to lose their confidence with women. To regain this confidence, they will pursue women just to boost their usually bruised ego's.

    Once interest is lost and the "rush" of hitting on women fades, the guy leaves and tries it on a new woman.This may carry on till the guy is healed and decides to settle down again.

    This is one of the reasons why it takes men much longer to heal. The process may seem to help them move on but it actually prolongs the healing process.

    What most guys should do is give themselves time and space to heal. As well as seek emotional support from friends and family.

    Easier said than done for a guy :-). But unfortunately that is the best way to heal.

Tips for women dating men in a rebound relationship

When dating a heartbroken guy or men in a rebound relationship I would suggest that you take things real slow(no sex) until you are certain that he is totally over his previous relationship. Only make an emotional investment after he is over his ex.

Another option would be to part ways temporarily until he is over his ex. If the attraction and interest is still there between the two of you can continue dating then.

Remember that you are simply protecting yourself and making sure you don't get hurt.

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