Rebound Relationships After Divorce

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Rebound relationships after divorce occur frequently. Here i am going to share my experiences and thoughts of them with you.

I believe being on the rebound after a divorce has a lesser chance of working than a normal rebound after a less serious relationship. Even though the rules of a normal rebound relationship apply, there are however some factors that strain a rebound that occurs after a divorce.

The following factors are the most critical:

  1. Pressure from family and in-laws to reunite

    Usually after a divorce your family will try to persuade you into reconsidering reconciliation with your ex.

    This will put intense pressure on any relationship you have after your divorce. The tension will make it hard for your rebound relationship to work.

  2. Children

    If you have children with your ex then things will get very complicated for you.

    Your children may not like your new spouse. To them your new lover might just seem as trying to replace their recently divorced parent. This is one of the main reasons why rebound relationships after a divorce rarely work.

    Whatever your situation ,try by all means to put your child's feelings and needs first.

  3. Prolonged healing due to frequent interaction with the ex

    If you are somehow forced to see your ex often , for example....

    • If you work together
    • At church
    • When the children visit

    ........ moving on and healing will be difficult for you . Seeing your ex constantly will always remind you of the marriage you had. It will trigger emotions of regret, anger, sadness...and many more.

    As a result any relationship you get into after your divorce will suffer because of this prolonged healing period.

    Some good advice here would be to keep contact with your ex to a minimum. When you do talk, keep the conversation short and focused on on either work, church, the children or any subject matter them may be relevant then.

  4. Temptation to get back together with the ex wife or husband

    After your divorce there are strong feelings of temptation to reunite with your ex. This is normal and happens to many recently divorced couples. These feelings can at times last for many years.

    The following may trigger the Temptation:

    • loneliness
    • Regret
    • The desire to provide your children with a complete family

    ...and that is the reason why a lot of divorced people will at some point reconcile and give their marriage a second chance.

    This makes rebound relationships after divorce a lesser priority than the failed marriage. Until of course you reach a point where you are over your ex and ready to move on.

Conclusion :Rebound Relationships after Divorce

After a divorce , no one is emotionally healthy enough to be in a new relationship. What you need is time to digest what you went through and heal. Only after that can you try dating again.

Sometimes after a breakup all we really want is the warmth , love and security of a relationship. This blinds us into jumping into rebound relationships way too soon.

At times we rebound attempting to replace the ex too soon.

Remember that you are emotionally putting yourself and your new lover at risk if you date before the emotional scars from your old marriage have completely healed.

When you do start dating take things slow. Be open and honest about everything. Get to know each other well before you decide to make the relationship a serious one.

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