Breakup Letters

2 Things To Keep In Mind When Writing Your Break Up Letters

When writing your breakup letters, try to express what's in your heart but filter out the bad, nonsensical language.

Remember, your break up letters are the last thing your ex will remember you by, so you have to at least express your sentiments with as much honesty as you can in a civilized manner.

Never underestimate the power of words. The way you say what you want your ex to know can affect his or her psyche. The door to his or her emotions will close or remain open to you depending on the things you write in your break up letters.

Here are the most damaging things you can write in your breakup letters.

Avoiding these mistakes will make your letter more powerful, and this is because the message will come across as sincere, even if you are saying goodbye.

1. Never Scold

You may or may not realize this but scolding might have been the wick to the bomb that killed your relationship.

Some people are simply not receptive to lecture, even if it comes from someone they care about. No person wants to be treated like kid who's acting up.

Scolding is tantamount to nagging, which is a total turn off to someone who you claim to care about. If your letter contains another round of nagging, your partner will simply crumple it up and throw it away.

2. Outright Lying

If you broke up because you lied to your partner, doing the same on your letter will not make things better. You should always assume that your partner can see through you, so you have to sanitize your letter enough that all that's written there is the truth and nothing else.

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