"Bad breakup letters : How To Avoid Writing One..."

Bad breakup letters are letters that fail to deliver or convey your intended message.

Usually when writing break up letters, you do so in an emotionally intoxicated state. The emotions of anger, regret, remorse, bitterness, jealousy... (Just to name a few) take over.

All you end up writing is an awful letter that you will regret writing...

Top Tips to avoid writing a bad letter

  • Emailing or texting the letter - Try handwriting the letter instead.It's real and you will have a greater chance of convincing your ex this way
  • Sounding desperate
  • Making your ex feel guilty
  • Blaming and name calling (this will only upset your ex)

With the above in mind, i would suggest you do not rush writing your letter. Take time to think about what it is you want to achieve with your letter.

Plan, plan, plan...remember that once written and delivered, there is no way of taking back all the stuff you say in your letter.

Taking time to write your letter also gives your ex the space and time they need to think. This will possibly increase the effectiveness of your letter.

Only write the letter once you are certain that it is what you want.

When you begin writing, keep the letter as short as possible. Also, make sure that your handwriting is readable. Once done proof read the letter and correct any spelling and grammar errors.

A good idea would be to ask a close friend to read it out loud to you. Is the tone right? Does it deliver your desired message in the best possible way? No ambiguity?...if so then...

Time to deliver it....

I would suggest you deliver it in person. If this is not possible then mail it or ask a close friend to deliver it for you.

These breakup letter tips are not guaranteed to work 100% all the time. However, they definitely will turn a bad breakup letter to a good one.

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