Is a Break Up Letter Generator Any Good?

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Personally i am not a fan of break up letter generators...They remind me of the days in varsity when we used to plagiarize essays and assignments.(the best of us have done it at some point!.. :-)..)

When the essay returned and you got a big fat "A" it all did not mean much. Deep in you, you knew the work was not yours and you would be unfulfilled in a way.

A break up letter from one those generators is sort of the same.You are given a template of an already finished letter and all you do is fill in the blanks with your name, date and other general details...Boring!...and Cowardly!

If you can not write the letter yourself then you really aren't mature enough to be dating in the first place. Just my opinion...

This is because a breakup letter should be personal. It is an account of your thoughts and emotions.At least give it the time and work it deserves.

Remember that a breakup letter generator is just a quick and easy option that will likely backfire.

A better option is too just put in the effort and time to write a breakup letter that's genuine and is a true reflection of your feelings.

If you are finding it difficult to write a breakup letter then try reading my breakup letter guide for tips on how to write the perfect breakup letter... Click here to get started

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