Can You Save Your Marriage Alone?

People often ask if it’s possible for you to save your marriage alone. The answer is yes and no. For the most part it’s actually no.

This article is going to cover my reasoning behind it all...

To begin with, marriage is a partnership and the only way it can be sustained is when the two people in the relationship work as a team. The moment each party starts putting their own interests first, things go wrong. And when things go wrong, the only way to correct the situation is by having both parties involved, making an effort and pulling in the same direction.


Self-assessment is a very important aspect when it comes to trying to save your marriage alone. It entails that you look at yourself in the mirror and accept your own shortcomings and the part you have played in whatever has led to a breakdown in your marriage. For most people, this is easier said than done.

Ego usually stands in their way blinding them from searching for the truth. But compromise is what happens when two people sit down and discuss things, hence why it’s important that your partner is involved in trying to save your marriage.

Patience and Motivation

Let’s say you were going to try and save the marriage alone. The one question you have to answer is, do you have the patience to do so? Because in all fairness you are going to need patience – lots of it.

In order to save your marriage alone, you have to teach your spouse how to negotiate the conflicts in your relationship fairly. And this is not something that can happen overnight, hence the need for patience on your part. Simply speaking, it can be a very frustrating task.

Besides patience, you will also need to be highly motivated. The reality is most people are neither patient nor motivated enough. And you can’t blame them really. It’s hard to be motivated when the other person is showing no interest in solving the problems.


Lastly, how do you save your marriage alone unless you have your spouse’s full perspective on what’s causing problems in your marriage. What you might see as the problem in your marriage is likely to be different from what your partner thinks. Therefore, it goes without saying that his input is indeed needed in the matter. And unless he is willing to open up and communicate with you, it will be hard for you to get a breakthrough on your own.

Despite all the difficulties I have outlined above, it is still possible to save your marriage. With enough effort, patience and determination you can.

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