Having Marriage Problems?....

Marriage problems come in different shapes and sizes. However the effect each one can have on your marriage can be damaging. So no problem is smaller than the next.

Here i am going to share with you four marriage problems and their solutions.....

  1. Lack of Communication

    If you can’t talk without either party raising their voice, then you have a problem. Constant quarreling is not good for any marriage. It puts a distance between you and your partner and leaves you both frustrated and hurt.

    Often times you find yourself fighting over anything and everything, including the most smallest and irrelevant of things.

    Solution: It’s time to re-examine the communication between the two of you.

    Give each other a chance to speak. Listen and understand where the other is coming from with their thoughts or feelings and then finally compromise.

  2. Loss of Intimacy and Affection

    When you show your partner less affection than you used to, you are sending wrong signals to them.

    Sometimes you have to do more than just tell them “I love you”. Love is one those cases where action truly speaks louder than words.

    Solution: If you love your partner, then show them. Your partner needs your special attention...Try these!

    • A hello and goodbye kiss
    • Compliments
    • Occasional gifts just to show how much you appreciate them
    • A full body massage or just a cuddle at the end of a long day at work...

    The whole idea is to be constantly doing something to show that you love them. Try not to get too comfortable or take them for granted.

  3. Not Making an Effort

    Most times you do not realize that you are not making an effort in your relationship. There are a few signs though.

    For example if your partner has to nag you just to get you to make an effort to do certain things then it’s time you “pulled up your socks”. It’s also a sign that you may been taking them for granted.

    Solution: Marriage is a partnership; therefore it’s important that you work as a team.

    If you can always keep this in mind, then you will never go wrong. If you are not sure what to do, ask your partner what it is they would like you to do or do more!

  4. The In-Laws...

    This is one of the most sensitive of marriage problems. Usually a generation gap between you and your in-laws as well as what their life goals for their daughter or son are what normally causes this problem.

    Solution: Always try and support your partner in the presence of your family. It’s not taking sides – its just showing that you love your partner. Sometimes living in a town away from your in-laws can also help.

If you examine most marriage problems you will see that often enough its things that you DON’T do (which you used to) more than the things you do that cause the most common of marriage problems.

So to actually solve most problems all you need do is DO SOMETHING......

No problem will solve itself. You just need to put some effort.

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