5 Ways to Save a Marriage

With so many ways to save a marriage, it’s really never too late. If I were you, I would try by all means to remain positive. Keep in mind that there are few things you can do (or stop doing) that are proven ways to save a marriage. You may have previously overlooked some of these thinking they didn’t matter. This article is going to outline only 5 ways. There are many more , however you can get started with the 5 below.

Here they are.....

  • SHOW your spouse you appreciate them

    Take the time to show your lover that they are appreciated. Nobody wants to feel like they are being taken for granted. A simple unexpected “thank you for everything” or “you mean the world to me” can have a huge impact in your marriage!

  • Acknowledge the problems in your marriage

    In order to solve the problems in your marriage, you have to acknowledge them and accept your part in what has gone wrong in your relationship ,rather than point fingers.

  • Take the time to listen

    Give each other a chance to speak and try not to interrupt just to score a point or two. Listening is a sign of respect. Why do i say that?…..because if you listen, your spouse will see that you are taking what they have to say seriously and respect their opinion.

  • Watch that temper...

    Try not to raise your voice when communicating with your loved one. It’s hard to get your point across when angry. More importantly it will upset your spouse.

  • Fall in love again!

    Do all the things you did when you started dating.

    • Go to the movies together
    • Get him Surprise gifts
    • Go on Romantic weekend getaways
    • Get her Chocolate and sexy lingerie when she least expects it

Thats its! my last and final words...experiment and try to have fun!

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