"Help Me Save My Marriage"

A lot of people who run into marriage trouble are always crying out ‘ help me save my marriage ’ and looking for outside help before they have even tried a few basic things which they can do themselves to improve their relationships.

Here are just some of a few things you could do:

  • Develop Mutual Respect

    Respect can can be shown in many ways in your marriage. I cannot cover them all here however below i will share a few things i do or avoid as sign of respect to my spouse.

    • Avoid flirting with other women
    • I will not brush off her opinions even if i may not agree with them
    • I never Humiliate and criticize her in public.
    • I show respect for the in laws...

    The list goes on....but i'm sure you get the idea.


    A good way to avoid being disrespectful is to simply do/avoid what you would like your spouse to do/avoid if he or she was in your shoes. Works for me and many other couples!.....

  • Compromise

    Everyone naturally changes with time. Sometimes the changes may be small and insignificant but at times they may be major.

    Try not to hold whatever changes your partner has undergone against them. Instead adapt and compromise wherever possible.

    Agree to disagree on certain issues and work as a team. When you give on some things, your partner has the incentive to also do the same for you.

  • Improve Dialogue

    A breakdown in communication makes it difficult to talk with your partner about what’s going on in your marriage. Begin by improving how you communicate about the small things in your relationship and reduce the tendency to make decisions on your own without first consulting your partner.

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