Saving a Marriage

Saving a marriage requires effort, focus and dedication; and this what this article is about.

If we lived in an ideal world, we can expect everything to automatically end “happily ever after”, but in reality, this isn't the case. You see, your partner is far from perfect. Sooner or later, you will see something you don't like in your partner, and this crucial flaw could shatter your idea of a perfect marriage.

So what's the solution to saving a marriage? Should you pressure your partner to change his ways so that the marriage can last long after the wedding vows have been exchanged? This move could make or break the relationship, but my guess is it will most likely lead to trouble.

Here's why: your partner will resent the way you're trying to change him.

Instead of doing this, try the following ways to save a marriage:

1. Focus on his redeeming qualities

Bickering about character flaws could turn into full blown fights. You will find yourself at a loss for words when your partner suddenly decides that he can no longer take any more of your nagging. Instead of focusing on his flaws, look at the way he tries his best in other aspects of your relationship. If you can do this, you will perceive his flaws as a part of his personal idiosyncrasy you can live with.

2. Seek Help

It doesn't matter if it's an online save-a-marriage program you downloaded for personal use, just try and look for solutions outside your relationship. Talk to friends who seem to have successful marriages. Since you now know that no relationship is perfect, you can get good tips on how to handle marital problems from those who can.

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