Marriage Separation - Pro's and Con's

Marriage separation should only ever be attempted as a last resort or at least after you have been to see a marriage counselor. It works best when you both believe that the marriage can still be saved.

Today i am going to outline the pros and cons of separation. This will give you a better picture of what to expect if you decide to opt for separation.

Ready?....OK, lets start with the benefits.


  • A separation is easily reversible unlike a divorce which is permanent.
  • Accompanied with counseling it can help you make great strides improving your relationship.
  • Separation is usually agreeable and less bitter than an actual divorce
  • It lessens the tension associated with living under the same roof. It creates space so as to allow you or your spouse to obtain a more objective view of yourself without the other.
  • It allows you to see what life would be like without each other which can itself give you better resolve to save your marriage.


  • If you have children, trying to explain to them what is going on is not that simple and can leave them confused.
  • A separation can at times put a further distance between you and your spouse
  • It can limit the time you see each other, time which could actually help improve your relations
  • If you are separating because of an affair, it may actually allow the affair to thrive instead of it going away altogether.
  • Separating does not entitle you to remarry should you choose to until a divorce has been finalized.(applies when separation is legal and not informal)
  • A separation even if formalized through a lawyer is not legally binding and can leave things in the air if prolonged longer than is necessary

Before you agree on marriage separation, whether informal or legal, it is important that the objective of the separation is clearly outlined and understood by both parties.

When considering a legal separation , it is a good idea to get advice from a lawyer. They are more informed from a legal perspective and will give you a broader picture of the process of a legal separation.

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