Alternative to Marriage Counseling

Your Guide to how you can find your ideal Alternative to Marriage Counseling...

When facing problems in your marriage, counseling should be the last option you try after everything else fails.

The reason this is so is because marriage counseling when used as a first resort, takes away the ability to solve your problems within your own marriage and may mean having to turn to it every time you have a problem.

This specifically applies to where both partners know what exactly the problem with their marriage is. With marriage counseling, it could take months or even years to make any meaningful progress since often it’s carried out in one hour sessions and is based on theories formulated by a counselor. Usually all you really need is a new beginning and a new perspective. Here are just a few alternative to marriage counseling that you should consider before turning to marriage counseling:

  • Get Intimate …Again!

    Lack of communication more often than not involuntarily leads to lack of sex. But as long as you still have feelings for one another, you will find there is still room for physical intimacy.

    Withholding physical intimacy as a way of punishing the other will only put further distance between you and your partner. This is a mistake women at times a make.

    In this case a romantic vacation might just do the trick!....and help rekindle the romance in your relationship as well as give you the chance to talk about things you’ve been holding back.

  • Forums, websites and online marriage help courses

    There are many websites and forums that can offer you real and unbiased marriage advice. The good thing about them is that most are free and your identity is never revealed.

    To find these websites you can Google “marriage forums “. The search engine results page will give you hundreds of websites that you can read through until you find the one that best caters for your needs.

  • Communication...

    The first signs of trouble in any marriage is the breakdown of communication between you and your spouse. When you start worrying about what your partner might think about what you have to say, often you start holding back information that you would normally have shared with them. Sometimes you may be assuming that your partner knows how you feel when in fact they have no clue.

    No matter how bad things get, it is important that you are still able to communicate openly to one another about your feelings, disappointments, expectations and requirements. Very often reopening the lines of communication between the two of you is the first step in bringing your marriage back on track.

  • Marriage Mediation

    The focus of marriage mediation is to identify what exactly is and isn't working day-to-day in your marriage. Compared to marriage counsel ling, it is more practical, detail-oriented and agreement-oriented.

    It helps build a better relationship by encouraging partners to develop and practice respectful, cooperative, constructive ways of communicating and reaching agreement within the scope of their marriage.

    An internal mediator such as a relative or trusted friend can be used. This way guidance and enlightenment that was previously lacking can help a seemingly deteriorating relationship realize its full potential.

Not every alternative to marriage counseling will work for you. Try them one at a time and measure the results before trying the next. Repeat the process until you find one that works for you.

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