Warning Signs of a Breakup

If you want to know the warning signs of a breakup , then you are going to want to read this article.

Even the most steadfast relationships break down. The problem is that most couples don't know how to stop the bad issues from ruining everything and simply go with the flow until it's too late.

If your relationship is hitting the skids right now, you must be able to understand what phase you're in so you can stop the downward spiral.

Be warned though, that the success of your efforts to reconcile entirely depends on the willingness of your partner to cooperate with you.

Read on to find out the crucial warning signs of a breakup before your relationship reaches the point of no return...

1. Defensiveness

A guilty partner bristles when asked to confess a sin, like cheating, overspending on useless things. Usually, it's a huge sign of guilt, but not always.

People become defensive even if they haven't actually done the deed because they have been thinking about it and that's tantamount to doing it inside their minds.

2. Name Calling

Name calling indicates a lack of respect, and when this happens frequently, you just know you cannot spend another day with a person who doesn't respect you anymore. You can either win back the respect slowly, or you can wait for forgiveness.

3. Lack of Trust

No matter what the other person says, trust is the single most important factor in a relationship, so it has to be protected and nurtured. If you lose a person's trust, you must work to get it back quickly before you lose your chance.

These signs don't mean a break up is imminent, but you just know it's going to happen if you don't do something about the situation.

Go for counseling or talk with your partner without reservations to patch things up.

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