Surviving a Breakup

Your Guide to Healing a Broken Heart

Both you and your partner must find a way of surviving a breakup, regardless of who decided to end the relationship,... especially during the period of grieving that comes immediately after the split up.

The decision might have been decided on after months or even years of enduring pain, so when it ends, the initial feeling of relief is felt. After this, however, the memories of happier times come back.

The unhappiness and broken heart syndrome starts when you think of the wasted years or months of hoping the relationship will last.

Now, the only thing you have to deal with is the pain and the grief that doesn't seem to let up. The following are some of the things that will make healing a broken heart a bit easier.

1. Do Not Run Away from Your Happy Memories

Cherish the happy memories because these are all you've got. This doesn't mean you have to continue longing for these events to happen again, but they're there to remind you that once upon a time, you learned how to love a person with all your heart.

2. Do Away with Vengeance

Being vindictive will only weigh you down. Normally, you wouldn't want to hurt the other person, but you feel the need to lash out.

Although understandable, you mustn't feed this instinct to seek revenge on your ex. Instead,channel that fiery energy to more productive things...

Take on a new hobby or find your passion in life. You do not want to do something that will add to your remorse.

Remember, you might have tried everything to solve your relationship problems while you were still together so you really don't have anything to be regretful about.

It's not about your strength or about anyone's weakness, some relationships are just meant to last for a few years at most because of incompatibility.

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