Solutions To Stop Divorce

There are many solutions to stop divorce or things to consider when saving a marriage or a any relationship for that matter.

Here i share with you two overlooked things that will show you how to save a marriage.

If you feel that divorce is imminent, you must work doubly hard to find solutions to stop divorce. You also need to consider whether or not your partner is just going through a personal crisis which he or she might snap out of any moment.

Read on to find out what else you can do to solve your marital troubles, and how you can increase intimacy with your partner.

1. Be Extra Attentive

  • Satisfy each other's need for adventure by doing fun activities at home even on ordinary days. Your partner might be feeling left out because you have devoted all your energy into working and earning for the family.

  • Simple gestures like fixing the bed, cooking a delicious barbeque 'just because' or hugging your partner when it’s cold can improve the way your partner feels towards you.

  • Invite your partner to share a blanket with you every once in a while in front of the house, when you just feel like talking to him or her about anything.

2. Be Like Kids Again

Being childlike is a welcome respite to being childish. You can give each other a makeover, rough it out by pitching a tent in your own backyard, or dress up in terry cloth robes when the kids are at school and pretending it's your honeymoon all over again.

Conclusion - How to Save a Marriage

By doing these things, you will start to see your partner in a new light, notice the changes in his or her personality, and feel more in love with your partner than ever.

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