Signs of Cheating

How to Detect Infidelity or an Emotional affair

There are some physical signs of cheating that will help you detect not only infidelity , but also a tendency of lying in your relationship.

Cheating is a huge issue among lovers, and if not addressed fast , it can end even the strongest of relationships.

If you suspect your partner’s cheating on you, or having an emotional affair, there are signs that you should look out for to confirm your suspicions.

One big symptom of cheating is lying. This is a skill not many people are good at, and this is something you can use to catch your cheating partner.

If your partner is lying, he will show the following body language signals…

1. Eye contact

If you’re partner’s guilty, he or she will try to avoid looking you in the eye. What you need to look for is the shifting of his facial muscles as he tries to control his reactions to what you’re saying.

If a liar looks at you in the eye while his brain is set on fixing his facial expression, he will lose his nerve and his confidence to lie. This is particularly true when you’re asking a question that can be answered with a yes or no. A person who’s lying will try to negate the lie.

2. Un-fleeting emotions

A cheating partner will want to stay away from topics that make him or her uncomfortable. These topics might include where he went last weekend, what he did on his travels abroad, why he did not come home last night etc.

If you observe the span of time for emotions to appear, you will notice that emotional display is usually slow, like he’s carefully preparing his mind for more questions. Usually, a cheater will hold an emotion long enough to make you believe that he’s sincere.

Why are Signs of Cheating Important?

By detecting infidelity in its early stage, you have a better chance of saving a marriage or relationship.

Does Dishonesty Indicate Infidelity?

When reading this article keep in mind that dishonesty in a relationship does not always mean that someone is being unfaithful.

Most of the time lying is a diagnosis of poor communication in a marriage or relationship.

So another importance of detecting any signs of cheating is that it could actually help determine the level of communication you currently have with your spouse.

This could eventually help you put in the effort in improving communications skills in your relationship.

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