The Top Signs of a Breakup

There are many signs of a breakup, however here i am going to share with you two warning signs of a breakup that often result in ending a relationship.

Oftentimes, people cannot tell you the exact reasons why the relationship ended, but in retrospect, both the man and the woman can pinpoint some instances when they could have prevented the blow up.

That they chose to say farewell to their current love relationship is sad, but the good news is that both parties might have learned something from the experience. There are valuable lessons to bring to the next relationship.

Keep reading to find out the two most common signs of an impending break up, and some tips on how to patch things before it's too late...

1. One or both want to escape

You or your partner are too scared to deal with the hurt so you pretend it doesn't exist. Instead of facing the hurt, you both avoid each other and go your separate ways. You don't even want to eat together.

2. You don't celebrate anniversaries

Couples that no longer celebrate anniversaries are usually those that are not counting their blessings anymore. They're just existing. They can't call their love affair strong because they know that deep inside, it's rotten.

What do they do during their anniversaries? Usually they go out with friends or they spend the time fighting. The pressure of celebrating another year of relationship is too much for them and so they try their best to avoid each other during this time.

If the above scenarios ring a bell, then maybe you should reconsider your actions. Maybe it's time to do the opposite of these signs to save your relationship.

Instead of escaping, face the problems head on. Instead of ignoring important dates, celebrate each day like it's your anniversary.

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