Revenge Pics of Your Ex

Want to post revenge pics of your ex all over the internet?

When you're really angry, telling the world about the gruesome details of your lovelife and making your ex look like the biggest idiot in the world seems like a good idea. At least, until you realize that doing this will also make you look bad.

The human need for revenge your on ex is a powerful motivating factor for idiocy. Because you feel that your ex deserves all the bad pranks you will play on him (like putting up his secret photos on social networks), you might not be able to effectively control the backlash that will result from your actions.

First of all, you could get sued. A person's right to privacy should not be stepped on, unless you feel like facing the legal consequences.

Secondly, the high you get from being vindicated will only lead to guilt when the anger wears off. You'll feel worse about your break up and the damage has become too big to repair. You end up feeling like you're a really bad person, which isn't good if you're trying to move on.

Another thing that you must be wary about is this: your ex might use your actions to warn others about you.

No one wants to have an unstable person as a partner, so in a sense your actions will work against you in the long run.

Playing a prank (like showing embarrassing revenge pics of your ex online) will also trigger this nifty supernatural event we only know as Karma.

It's something that people always talk about but never really confirmed. However, it's still better to avoid getting hit by a boomerang of negative feelings simply because you want to hurt your ex like he or she has hurt you.

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