Reasons to Break Up

The Top Untold Reasons That Lead To Ending A Relationship

If you want discover some of the less evident reasons to break up that end many relationships then you are going to find this article very useful and informative.

Don't you feel envious of the couples that go on for more than a few years? Do your eyes widen when you hear of couples that are having their 25th anniversary? These love affairs can live through any trial, and these are the ones that are most inspiring.

If you've ever dreamed of someday being grandparents with your partner then you have to put in effort in saving a marriage.

Even the most steadfast unions hit the skids every once in a while. However, some survive and some don't. Remember this when you're having trouble compromising inside your marriage: no relationship is perfect. However, all relationships have the potential to bounce back after a slump.

The potential for reconciliation is strong but it largely depends on the willingness of the man and the woman to try and save the relationship, and of course, the extent of the hurt.

Here are two reasons why most relationships end.

1. Too afraid to face the consequences

The person at fault persuades himself or herself that he or she is causing the other trouble so the only choice is to make a run for it. Or it could be that the ex plainly doesn't want to go through the pain of overhauling things.

2. Bitterness

When people refuse to talk about problems, bitterness arises. The hurt just keeps piling up until you don't feel any love anymore. Trust me on this... whatever you and your partner are missing, talk about it. Calmness and eagerness to compromise will save your relationship, not excuses.

Food for thought

The decision to say goodbye might have happened after weeks of enduring torment, so when it comes, it's usually too late.

Don't let this happen to you. Don't just accept the break up. Fight for your relationship because it's worth saving.


The above two reasons to break up are more of the silent yet deadly reasons for ending a relationship.

They are unlike the more physical and upfront reasons to break up that include abuse(physical, verbal..etc) and cheating.

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