" Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back..."

Planning on getting your ex girlfriend back? If so then read on….

After breaking up with your ex-girlfriend, it’s easy to think you may have lost her forever. But often, your ex-girlfriend may be thinking about you and wishing you were still together. However, because she’s still hurting and upset, it’s likely that she will feel conflicted and confused.

Here are a few things you should consider when trying to get your ex girlfriend back:

Wait a While

Trying to get your ex-girlfriend soon after breaking up will at most times push her even further away and might even kill off any chances you might have had of getting her back.

A little space and time apart will do both of you a lot of good. It will allow you calm down and think more clearly.

What this means basically is that you shouldn’t pick up the phone and call her or go around to her place.

What’s so special About Her?

As you begin to contemplate how to get your ex back, ask yourself what it is you miss most about your girlfriend. Remind yourself what makes her special and stand apart from other women in your eyes. It is this uniqueness that will give you the motivation to want to be with her again that you will do just about anything.

And once it’s embedded in your mind, it will start preparing your mind for what to say to your ex girlfriend when the time to speak comes.

Is Your Love Sincere?

You should ask yourself if you really want your ex back and if it’s for the right reasons. Try to get her back only if you are sure that you still love her. You will have a harder time getting your ex girlfriend back if you don’t really feel the same about her anymore or if the relationship is something you feel you can actually live without.

Admit Your Mistakes

Not listening or admitting when you were at fault probably contributed to her leaving you in the first place. So unless you can swallow your pride and stop pointing fingers, its likely that you will have trouble convincing her to take you back.

Even if she does take you back, the old issues will very likely resurface again. Unless you change, you may well end up losing her again.

Therefore admitting your mistakes will help getting your ex girlfriend back...

Do You Know Just What She Wants?

When you had been with your girlfriend for a long time, it’s easy to think that she still wants the same things she wanted when you first started going out. But this is usually far from the truth.

Keep in mind that men who usually assume that the needs and wants of their girlfriends do not evolve over time are often the ones that find themselves with unhappy girlfriends who end up leaving them. Don’t be surprised if this may actually have been the case with you and your ex girlfriend.

So if you plan on getting your ex girlfriend back, try asking her what exactly she wants – ask her about her dreams, about her hopes for the future and what role she wants a man to play in her life. The answers she gives you will make it easier for you get her back.

Does She Still Love You?

Try to find out if she still has any feelings for you and if she still enjoys your company. Engage her in conversation for a while and then when she’s a little more relaxed, ask her outright if she thinks she can love you again.

Just don’t let it be the beginning of a conversation but something you will inquire upon when she is ready to talk about it. If she tells you that she doesn’t know, don’t take it as a ‘no’ – usually it just means she needs time.

Avoid begging or pleading

Don’t be too eager to get her back or be reduced to pleading and begging. It will just make you look pathetic in her eyes. Furthermore, it focuses attention on you rather than on the two of you and how good you can be together. And it might just undo all the good work you may have done up until then.

Don’t Promise Change!

When she broke up with you, it’s likely that she mentioned all the things she doesn’t like about you that she may never have said before. If you were listening, these are the things you need to change. And if you have forgotten what she said, ask her again what made her unhappy and take your time to address these things. Don’t just promise to change but take action to show that you have changed.

Take Your Time

As you start to get back in her good books, don’t make the mistake of thinking and acting as if you never left. Your love should remain the main focus. Many couples get back together only to break up again because they don’t give love a chance or allow old wounds to heal.

......the above tips are effective if used together. Study and apply them and you will be one step closer to getting your ex girlfriend back!.... :-)

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