Broken Heart Syndrome Guide...

Broken heart syndrome is a condition that if not addressed in its early stages can result in depression. In this article i share with you breaking up advice that will help you easily identify the condition.

There are times when your efforts at keeping your relationship going fail to improve the situation. When this happens, you might find yourself feeling broken and lost. You might try to convince yourself you're ok and you don't need help, but listen up.

There are signs that you're falling into the trap called 'broken heart syndrome'.

The symptoms are easy to spot, but usually other people will tell you and you won't notice them yourself.

1. Sleeplessness

You start losing lots of sleep because you spend most of the time thinking about the break up. This period in your life is filled with regret, bitterness and sadness.

2. You can't go anywhere without remembering a funny or happy memory.

Everything you see around you reminds you of your ex. You just can't stop talking about your memories. Although you tell people you're not bitter (these are happy memories), everyone knows you're pining for your lost love.

3. Loss of appetite

Being broken hearted usually causes a loss of appetite. In fact nothing seems appealing during this time of mourning.

People have a tendency of losing their "mojo" during this time. This is because break ups cause a loss of confidence.

Food for thought...

No relationship is perfect, but each one leaves a lasting memory in anyone's mind. The solution to healing a broken heart may simply be letting the memories run their course.

Also, the key to surviving a breakup is to hang on to the happy memories rather than those reminding you off paranoia, cheating and grieving.

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