Breaking Up Advice

The Guide to Dealing With a Breakup

The right breaking up advice can help stop you from ending a relationship that may have been great. Here i share with you top tips that will make breaking up with someone a bit easier to handle and at the same time leave room for reconciliation.

If you're having relationship problems right now, hearing about couples that last 20 years can be depressing. You might think you will never have that kind of love in your life, considering the way you and your partner bicker like there's no tomorrow.

But before you lose hope, hear me out. Every couple has the potential to get over relationship troubles as long as each partner puts effort on preventing the love affair from falling apart. Solving a problem is a team effort, and you and your partner are supposed to be team mates.

Here are two ways of dealing with a breakup, without losing sight of the main goal: reconciliation.

1. Don't Run Away

The first instinct is to move away from the turmoil and regroup. A person wants to preserve his sanity or his emotional stability so he goes away for a while.

You can move away physically but for your sake and your partner's, do not close the door.

After a while, things will settle down and you can finally talk about what happened. Running away means leaving your partner hanging, which isn't good because someone who got left behind is bound to be thinking of the worst things.

2. Dont' Assume the Worst

If you start persuading yourself you are causing your partner anguish, you will end up depressed and desperate. Keep the assumptions at bay for now and take things at face value.

If your partner apologizes, accept it. You have all the time to guess his or her hidden motives or intentions when everything's calm and you're talking again.

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