Better off

by Laura

This is a story about becoming better off, renewed enthusiasm and confidence. Jack and I were together for 2 solid years. We loved each other very much. We did almost everything together, but we also knew the value of participating in our own activities separate from each other. It was a perfect relationship. We also wanted the same things out of life. We talked about everything we wanted for our future. I wanted to be a foster parent and would love the opportunity to adopt. He wanted to break out of subcontracting and open his own business. We attended the same church and had the same religious aspirations as well as participated in our churches’ programs.

We would often talk about marriage, the planning of our wedding, where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. I knew he was about to propose and it was the best July 4th that I have ever celebrated. The ring was beautiful, he was wonderful and we were getting ready for the next chapter of our lives together.

I’m still not sure how or why or what went wrong, but it did. I was devastated and so completely heartbroken. I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself or my life. Everything had already been decided and planned with Jack. I’m a religious person so naturally I turned to God. After a few weeks I decided to start running. I needed to help me get out this emotion before I became bitter. I have been around bitter people before and they are very sour with not many friends. I did not want to live my life lonely and filled with hostility.

So I ran. I put my sneakers on and just simply ran. Day by day I started feeling a little better than the previous day. After 3 months I was starting to feel the joy of life again and at 30 pounds lighter. I felt on top of the world and ready to conquer anything.

I am enjoying my life to the fullest. And now, I am married with a 3 year old daughter. Life is great!

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